Color Trends for 2019 fashion and decor

Color Trends for 2019 fashion and decor

Now that the Christmas decorations have been put away and gone are the red and green themed everything, it’s time to colorize your New Year!

So many colors and so many decisions!

But wait – what if there was a one-stop-shop for knowing the latest trend in color for fashion, design and home decoration?

Guess what? It’s your lucky day!

The Pantone Matching System started in 1963, introducing a color communication system with 500 colors! With that many, it’s no wonder we have a hard time deciding what color white really is on your wall! Eggshell? Winter? Cornsilk? Seashell?

Pantone started out as a graphic arts industry and set the standard for specifications extending to its “Library of Colors” to 747 colors.

Just as the years came and went, they continued coming up with new and exciting colors and many industries started to take notice. One of them being the fashion industry.

In 1999 they announced the very first Color of the Year – Cerulean. Twenty years later ‘Living Coral’ is the color that will keep you in style. From clothing to web sites to home décor, you can bring the sea to your home or closet! For those who don’t live near the ocean, this could be just the thing to bring tranquility to your life.

The color of the year has a tremendous impact on fashion runways every year. Prada, Altuzarra and Brandon Maxwell introduced this very vibrant, optimistic color to their lines. Marc Jacobs also got in the mix adding coats and corsages and even hair dye.

And what better way to showcase a new color than to create a beautiful ensemble that is worn by a celebrity who can wear just about anything and pull it off? Gigi Hadid started off the year with this color and Jennifer Lopez followed closely behind. Amy Adams even added her look to the mix!

“Just as coral reefs are a source of sustenance and shelter to sea life, vibrant yet mellow Panton 16-1546, Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment,” Pantone announced.

Are you ready to get away from winter and take the leap into the world of Living Coral?

If you want to change your wardrobe up without spending a lot of money, try adding just a scarf or jewelry. Try painting an accent wall or adding pillows or mixing this color with other vibrant colors such as deep purples, fuschia or yellows.

3 Ways That Blockchain is Changing Fashion

You’ve probably heard that cryptocurrency is the next big thing. But while most people only think about it as being something that involves money, the revolution of blockchain is actually something that will touch even more industries than anyone ever could have imagined. Any industry that involves the storage of data and transfer of value is ripe for disruption thanks to this new technology. This means that, yes, even the fashion industry will be changed by crypto and blockchain. How, you say? Let us run through a few things you will likely see over the coming years:

Cryptocurrency Based Clothing

The spike in popularity of Bitcoin and other altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and more have pulled in a huge amount of interest from people around the world. As these people have come to learn and understand the different coins, many have chosen favorites that they support. Investors become attached to coins much in the same way that fans become attached to different sports teams. Just like in sports, many of these fans want to show off their affiliations, and that is where cryptocurrency clothing comes into play. Take for example the product offerings available at Cryptocurrency Posters and other blockchain merchandise stores. While their site obviously focuses on posters first, there’s no shortage of socks, tank tops, throw pillows, and more. This is because digital currency fans are looking to show off their favorite coins to the world.

Supply Chain Management

If you’ve read about how blockchains work you’ve come to understand that, at their most basic level, they are data storage systems. This means that they hold huge potential for the apparel industry. As this Forbes article points out, it is becoming more and more important to fashion designers and manufacturers to prove to consumers that they are using fair trade and high-quality labor standards. The explanation is thus: blockchain solutions allow producers to create a digital link between the physical products they create and an online, immutable, ledger. This means that it is possible to track all the steps in the process of making clothing so consumers can be certain that the products they are buying were made in the manner they expected.

Cross-Border Payments

Maybe the biggest impact that cryptocurrencies will have on the fashion industry is that they will allow for seamless payments across borders. The production of clothing is truly a global undertaking, with hands in many countries touching different items before they reach the end-user. Since all these countries use different currencies, payment for services can become a hassle. Crypto offers a solution by giving the option for a liquid asset that can move globally without the need for a trusted third party. Payments can be routed from country to country without the need for the slow payment verifications of banks. They can even be automated via smart contracts! In the end, these savings get passed on to consumers since less time will need to be spent in production. We hope you’ve learned more about the promise that crypto holds for the fashion industry. This is exciting new technology, so we encourage you to research even more if possible! The possibilities are endless and you could very well find a new use case that saves people around the world time and money.

Get Affordable Ballerinas Online

Ballerina shoes

Ballerinas have been a woman’s best friend when it comes to footwear in the industry. And when it comes to ballerina shoes, American swan is the leader in providing ballerina shoes. American swan is an international brand for lifestyle and fashion solutions to all your needs. They provide high quality fashion, clothing and footwear products. Since, footwear is an important part of any fashion outfit, it is important to pick your footwear correctly. Ballerinas are one of the most preferred footwear types because of its flexibility and ability to match any outfit, be it a casual pair of denims or a fancy party dress. When it comes to looking good and flaunting your outfit, ballerinas are the only choice for women in the dance industry. A social gathering, a casual outing or a party, ballerinas are the best options to look for. If you are looking to buy ballerina shoes, American swan is the place you should be looking at. they offer the best ballerina shoes online or so they claim , available in different designs and colors. Available for all sizes, availability is never an issue and we offer the latest designs for all age groups of women. We aim to provide customer satisfaction and there is never a shortage of the products so you can get your size so ballerinas ordered right now.

Their company provides free home delivery and makes is easy and hassle free for the customers by providing them their favorite shoes online delivered at their doorstep at the comfort of their living room couch. With a number of websites providing shoes, how do you decide which one to go for? Well, we help you solve that issue since we provide the best quality at affordable prices. We also offer a 14 day return policy in case the product does not match your expectations or has any manufacturing defects. Because of which, we urge you to check out our collection of ballerina shoes  at American swan and find out the difference for yourself. Our excellent customer care support provides you with answers to all your queries regarding the purchase and payment methods. We offer multiple payment options including cash on delivery, net banking and credit/ debit card payments making it easier for you to buy your favorite pair of shoes. This will go very well with Women Pullovers

We eradicate the need to go to your favorite shoe store and look among dozens of pairs to find your perfect pair. Instead we offer you an online catalog where you can browse through the available footwear and order the same while you sit at your couch. So, with the amazing deals, offers and features that we provide for our customers, we would love it if you visited our website and check out the latest pair of ballerinas online and find out about our awesome services for yourself.

Resizing Photos Easily with Movavi Photo Batch

At some point or other you’re undoubtedly going to come across the need to resize your photos. It could be because you need to conserve space and would like to make them smaller, or it may be to create thumbnails for a website, or to optimize them for other reasons.
Whatever your purpose, it is safe to say that being able to resize photos easily is going to come in handy – which is something that Movavi Photo Batch is perfect for.

Because it is a ‘batch’ photo processing software you will be able to use it to resize multiple photos in the same way and at the same time. That in itself is going to save you a ton of time, but more importantly Moravia Photo will also provide you with a range of options that you can use to ensure that your photos turn out exactly the size that you want:

  • Restore old Photos
  • Enhance image quality
  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Change backgrounds

In different situations you’ll find that choosing one of these methods is best – and having the flexibility to do so is definitely a good thing. Apart from that Movavi Photo Batch will also hand you other tools – allowing you to improve the quality of your photos, rotate and flip them, convert your image files to different formats, and even rename files with a uniform system to organize them.

As you should be starting to see, having a tool such as Movavi Photo Batch is bound to pay off – regardless of whether you use it as an image resize or for one of the many other helpful features that it brings to the table. The best part however is that because it is so intuitive and user-friendly it will take you just a few moments to familiarize yourself with it, and you’ll be able to start resizing and tweaking your images in no time.


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Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

See How to Improve and Maintain Your Skin as an Expat Abroad

Living abroad can be sweet and can also present a number of challenges when you are yet to adapt to the new environment. You may battle health and well-being issues such as change of skin color, incompatible diets and digestive issues, homesickness, and more. Whether you are planning to go on vacation abroad or you are looking for a job, taking care of your body should be given priority so that you will feel and look good wherever you go. Native English speakers have better opportunities to travel round the globe as they can teach English abroad without any hassle. It is important to know that when you are in a new environment, chances are your skin react to the change of weather and climate. This article will help you with some tips that will help maintain and improve your skin quality while staying in any country abroad.

Stay hydrated

One of the best ways to maintain and improve skin quality is simple. Keep it moist and nourished – hydration is the ideal way to achieve that. As much as you can, try to drink plenty of water daily and do not allow yourself to be thirsty for more than 30 minutes. If you are able to keep your body hydrated, the skin will revitalize itself – and it will help you avoid other little health issues that may pop up.

Use sunscreen

Some countries can be quite hot and sunny and the ozone layer is not uniform around the world. To keep your skin safe, use sunscreen when you step out on a sunny day. This will cut down the risk of burns, heat rashes, and of course skin cancer. What’s more, this will help keep your skin clean and allow it to stay cool.

Use a good insect repellent in your surroundings

Insect bites irritate the skin and can cause serious itching, which in turn will break your skin when you scratch. Whether you are living in an indoor environment without much plant cover, or surrounded by gardens, keeping insect repellent is a good idea because to will help chase away little critters that can pose risks to your skin.

Use the right body cream or lotion

There are body cares that do not contain harmful chemicals (like sulfates) as ingredients. Choose these brands for your skin care while staying abroad. Look for skin moisturizers that are a perfect fit for your skin type. This will help keep you skin nourished and balanced, with no hassles.

Sleep when the need arises

You have to agree that sleeping is something that you can’t rob yourself of and go scot-free. It will come back to haunt you at some point. When you don’t have enough sleep, your skin will become dull and pale. Having proper sleep will not only make your skin fresh and healthy but also rests your brain and vastly improves its function.


Expat life abroad can bring you mixed memories. If you don’t take care of your health, it doesn’t matter what your purpose of traveling abroad is. When you find yourself living in a foreign country, you ought to do your best to be healthy, feel good, and look good – so that you can have a healthy and happy lifestyle as part of your international adventure. As stated above, there are many opportunities you can find abroad – going to teach abroad is one common option and there are hundreds more opportunities waiting for you.

Simple Tricks to Wear Boots of Varying Heights

A pair of hot boots is liked by everyone. One major specialty about boots is that they can be worn for every occasion whether it is formal or non- formal. They are available in different designs and colors. You can simply choose one for any occasion. Moreover, boots demand low maintenance.You can choose any type of boots like – short boots, medium height boots, ankle –height boots etc. All boots can suit well with whatever style you have. But you should know which outfit will go well with which type of boots. It is not easy for everyone to wear boots. You need some practice before going out, to avoid any awkward situation. Simple tricks to wear boots are as follow:

Ankle boots

Ankle boots give perfect fashionable look if worn with proper outfit. Ankle boots are popular among all college girls. They can be worn easily because they are very comfortable. For any fashion show or fancy occasion, you can consider high- heeled ankle booties because they suit well with these occasions. Remember if you are wearing high heeled ankle booties for the first time then consider some walking practice before you leave your home for the occasion.

Classic Boots

Before buying classic boots, understand your occasion. Classic boots are available in different varieties. And each of them requires different outfits that can give you perfect style. Usually, girls like cowboy and slouchy styles, but if you are buying boots for formal occasion you can consider luxurious leather or suede boots. You can wear boot cut jeans or skinny jeans with classic boots. Remember, if you have curvy or athletic legs, then zipped styles will not look good on you.

Over-the-Knee and Thigh-high boots

These types of boots gives everyone a fashionable, sophisticated and stylish look. These boots are easy to wear and much comfortable. So, do not think that you cannot manage them. If you wear something short with these boots then wear tights and leggings only. These boots give every girl a sexy and stylish look. So, you do not need to do any extra effort to look sexy, attractive and stylish. While wearing boots, be careful. Usually, boots attract everyone’s attention. If you wear knee-length boots then make sure to make your outfit look simple and let your boots do its job for you. Skinny jeans, leggings or skirts always go well with all types of boots. You can a wear a simple matching top to get stylish and attractive look.

Do you want boots for an special occasion? Are you confused from where to purchase? Then you are at right place. You can simply go to YouTube channel. JustFab offers different kinds of boots. You can get boots in different designs and materials. Moreover, price is affordable. Visit this website to know more about availability, collection and prices. It will not dissatisfy you. You will get a good product within your price range and one that match with your style.

Brilliant Hacks To Get Your Amazon Prime For Free

Amazon Prime is a highly recommended service if you are a regular Amazon customer. It is absolutely pointless to pay delivery charges and wait for your order for many days when you have got an option to apply for an amazon prime free subscription. But wait! You need not go all that merry because this subscription only lasts for a month. What after that? Well after your free trial subscription is over, you have options to pay monthly or annually for it at about $10.99 and $99 respectively. But we have got you some amazing ways that will not only extend your free trial subscription but you can utilize its benefits equally well as any other prime way. Can’t wait to know what exactly the hacks are? Follow up!

Sign up for the Amazon free trial

Unlike other companies, the Amazon free trial subscriptions last for a whole 30 days period. With this free subscription, you can avail all the benefits of the company like free shipping and even get access to the Prime Video service which is a streaming service of Amazon playing trendy songs, videos and even videos. Feels like you are in a real need to be an Amazon Prime member? Well! What are you still waiting for? Go get the Amazon Prime at your service today.
But keep your steps carefully because there is one thing you must take care of before your subscription ends. While registering for the Amazon Prime service, you are required to fill in your credit/ debit card details but before the free subscription ends you must cancel the service otherwise you will be charged for it. Just remember your subscription date and opt out of it before it expires.

Try the Sprint Service

Obviously, there must be a reason why we are specifically telling you to opt for the exclusive Sprint wireless service. Something related to Amazon Prime itself. The scenario is that Amazon has recently launched a new cell phone plan known as the Amazon Better Choice XXL Plan. This plan offers a free 12 month Amazon membership and is applicable to both current and new Sprint customers. An easy and efficient way to get the Amazon Prime Membership for a good couple of months! Here is how you can earn the free trial:
• Visit the page and sign up for Sprint Better Choice XXL with Amazon Prime. Alternatively, you could also sign up for this plan by visiting a local nearby Sprint store.
• Once you sign up on Sprint, you will receive a text message that includes an activation link. Click on the link and complete the Amazon Prime Registration.
• Now you are ready to enjoy unlimited Amazon Prime services and that too for free.

Grab AMX Cards with Free Amazon Prime

An American Express card could actually be your ticket for a year of free Amazon Prime Service. The Blue Cash Everyday Card is an exclusively promising card that charges no annual fee and offers up to 10% cash back on your Amazon purchases for the first 6 months. To enjoy free Amazon Prime service, all you have to do is call AmEx to check on your eligibility and hereafter redeem the promotional code that will entitle you to a 1-year free subscription to Amazon Prime. In case you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, Amazon will make sure that your free 1-year subscription is renewed once your current membership expires.

Wish for your Amazon package to arrive late

Yes! We are not joking around. If you are already an Amazon Prime Member, Amazon gives you this perk of a free 2-day shipping on all almost all orders. Unfortunately, there are times when the package does not arrive in the time period it was supposed to arrive and that is what is fortunate enough for you. In case, anytime there is this kind of delay in your product delivery, here is what you are supposed to do.

• Contact the Amazon Support and ask them the reason for the delay in the delivery of your product.
• Explain to the time urgency the product had and the problems that the delay has caused you. Basically, make it sound like it was a real loss to you.
• Now, you may politely ask for an extension of your Prime membership. On most events, you don’t have to actually ask for it for the representative will himself offer it to you. In case he does not, just give it a shot
• Now enjoy your Amazon Prime extended service for a couple of months and adopt the other way to get it next time again.
A free Prime subscription does not sound bad for just a delay in your “2-days guarantee shipping order”!

Sign up for the membership every time with a new account.

It has been recently been reported that you can actually enjoy multiple free trials of the Amazon Prime Service if you sign up for Prime with a new account every time. Amazon just seems to check your account mainly the email address and the login and does not care to worry if the payment is being made with the same card every time. So apparently here is how you need to go about it.
Sign up on Amazon with a new email address and register for the free Amazon Prime Service. Enjoy the service for the assigned period
• Once the subscription is about to get over, opting out of the service is the best option
• Once you do that, register on Amazon with a new account linked to a new email id and enjoy another month of free subscription.
• And the process goes on as long as you wish to enjoy the free service. Yes, even if you want to continue it for a lifetime you can actually do that as well.

See if Amazon offers a free service itself

This might as well happen. Often many big companies value their customers and fear of losing their valuable support pinches them. To earn a free Prime subscription you just have to hit on that nerve and who knows you are lucky enough to get a free Amazon membership. The idea is very simple and here is how to go about it:
So, it may sound a little cunning but you will have to do this. Just cancel on your Prime subscription right before your trial is about to get over.
To keep you intact to their services, the Amazon Support might as well call you and ask whether you would like to enjoy another free trial subscription for your Amazon Prime.
And yes this is all you want! Just agree and get access to un-interrupted services.
Though this method does not provide full assurance, still it has worked many a time and might work for you as well.

These are some easy and convenient hacks to keep your Amazon Prime free subscription going. You might as well try one after the other so that the free subscription never ends for you.

The Perfect Gift For Your Hard Working Husband!

I am writing this article partly as a plea for something (haha). I have wanted a leather laptop bag for quite some time now and I thought this could be the perfect outlet for me. So, if you haven’t guessed yet, I am “the husband” and I am looking to help you ladies do for your man, what my wife did NOT do for me.


I get up every morning around six in the morning, I rush through my morning routine in order to be the first person in the office. My parents, wife, friends and co-workers consider me extremely hard working. But, there is something that’s holding me back. MY WIFE.. haha, just kidding.. It’s my laptop bag. For six months I have been using this crumby, piece of junk bag that I picked up at a local discount store.

I woke up one morning, as usual. But, there was something that WILDLY through off my morning routine (and entire week at work). As I was loading my laptop into this “new” laptop bag I purchased, I heard it clunk to the floor, I closed my eyes and prayed it was ok before looking down. Unfortunately, my prayers were not answered. My laptop was broken, all because of this horrible bag, I thought I was saving good money with. Instead that cheap bag cost me an additional two thousand dollars (because I had to buy a new laptop).


At least my files were backed up to the cloud, so I didn’t lose any data (including this massive presentation I was working on).

So the hunt begins, I start searching the internet for a high quality leather laptop bag, that will hopefully last the rest of my working career (without any more casualties). I stumbled upon this site Boconi, there bags are beautiful and look pretty sturdy. I did the usual hint of leaving the page open on my computer (my new one) so the wife would see it and buy it for my birthday.

I left the house (grocery shopping), and when I came back, the page was closed… YES! She got the hint! Right? Read on…

My birthday is getting closer and closer now. Oh yeah, and in the meantime with no laptop bag, I have been using my backpack from college. I look so ridiculous I (and my co-workers) can’t handle it. If I had to get called “book bag boy” one more time walking into work, I was going to start knocking people out”.

Finally the day comes, it’s my birthday! I get home from a hectic day at work, when I see my wife approaching me with a gift-wrapped package. I think to myself, “this is it, finally I got that Boconi, leather laptop bag”. I begin to open the gift and realize…. It’s another bag from the discount store. Then my wife says, with a smile on her face “I saw you were looking at new laptop bags, so I stopped out and grabbed you one!” I smiled and said “Thanks!”.

…I filed for divorce the next day.


Tips On Choosing Sweaters for Women

When it comes to fashion, women have got much more options available for them than men. Even if it is related with something as undress as sweater for women, they will still find enough options for themselves than men can ever find for any dress! If you are looking for advice on sweaters and you can read this article and get some useful tips on this subject that are going to be useful for you in selecting the right kind of sweater for yourself.

It is considered that sweater does not carry much scope for making a style statement but this is not true like any other wardrobe or apparel, sweaters too can be worn in a smart way and at the same time, it can be made to serve the purpose it made for that is keeping the body warm. At the same time you will also be able to look smart and dashing with it but in order to do that you should understand how to match it with the rest your dress. To get started with, the first thing that you need to do is determine if you are going to wear loose or tight this will depend on your body size if you are slim and you would to look stronger then it would be better to wear loose sweaters as it will make you look visually stronger and bigger. If you have a good built then you can wear fit in sweaters and tight ones because they will showcase your body and enhance your looks. You can match the rest of the clothes that you are wearing with sweater and make it look dashing. The colour combination of the dress and sweater should be in tune with each other and this will enhance your overall look.

Next thing that you have to consider if you would like to buy the sweater from if you have your locality with student you can browse it get started looking forward to that you want if you do not find the right side there then a better option for you would be to search for hidden Internet there are many arguments to that offer letters of a kind cover designs and prices simply need to give some time and you will be able to find a lot of great deal of settlers online can you search for them online. You will also be able to save time when you shop for sweaters on net as it is going to be a simple quick and hassle free process of shopping. You can also visit our online store to find online ladies clothing by Northern Reflections and also a wide variety of sweaters that we have in the offing. We invite you to our website and we are sure that you will not be disappointed with it. If you have to inquire anything else then please contact us directly via e-mail or phone. We look forward to meet you and have a business with you.

Author Bio: Domingo West is ready to answer all questions about online ladies clothing by Northern Reflections where you can buy the best sweater for women which is the best present for every person.

Common Questions About Birthstones

Chart showing a mix of modern and traditional birthstones by month.

Have you ever owned a piece of jewellery with your birthstone? Birthstones are an interesting concept and they are believed to have healing powers and therapeutic influence.

There is a birthstone associated with every month, from January to December. If you are wondering what your birthstone is you can find them all listed here. For example, March is aquamarine, June is moonstone, September is sapphire and October is opal. Perhaps you have heard about birthstones but you want to learn more? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that many people have about birthstones.

Where Did The Idea Originate?

Many gem historians believe that the tradition of birthstones came from the Breastplate of Aaron, which was a ceremonial religious garment that was set with twelve precious gemstones. The stones were meant to represent the twelve tribes of Israel as well as the twelve signs of the Zodiac. There are also Ayurvedic birthstones in ancient Indian culture and it was believed that specific stones had medicinal effects.

However, the modern lists of birthstones don’t have much to do with the breastplate or the Foundation Stones of Christianity. They have been passed down through translation and adapted by many cultures which has distanced them from their original origins.

Why Are There Different Gemstones Listed for Some Months?

You might notice that in some lists the gemstones are different, or there is more than one gemstone listed for each month. In ancient times people didn’t classify gemstones by mineral species like we do and there was some debate about which gemstones were described in the ancient texts. Different cultures around the world have adapted a range of birthstone lists.

In an effort to standardize them the American National Association of Jewelers met in Kansas to create a definitive list. The list was updated in 1952 by the Jewelry industry Council of America. The one that is commonly passed around is the most recent one, although there are some older lists that are still used.

Are All the Birthstones Minerals?

All of the birthstones are minerals, except for pearls – which were created in the earth and are considered organic. Of course, some of the minerals are more valuable than others – such as diamond. (So if you are born in April you are in luck!)

What are the Popular Styles of Birthstone Jeweler?

If you want to wear your birthstone in jewelry there are so many ways to do so. You could wear it in a pendant in a necklace, or in a birthstone ring. Some people wear their birthstone as a gem in a charm bracelet and others wear it as earrings. You could even look for decorations for the home or jewelry boxes that have your birthstone on them, or pins or brooches.

Another popular option is birthstone watches, which are available in a wide range of designs. Often they feature a simple watch face that is complimented with a birthstone. Or, they might feature a number of stones around the watch face at every quarter hour.


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