The Perfect Gift For Your Hard Working Husband!

I am writing this article partly as a plea for something (haha). I have wanted a leather laptop bag for quite some time now and I thought this could be the perfect outlet for me. So, if you haven’t guessed yet, I am “the husband” and I am looking to help you ladies do for your man, what my wife did NOT do for me.


I get up every morning around six in the morning, I rush through my morning routine in order to be the first person in the office. My parents, wife, friends and co-workers consider me extremely hard working. But, there is something that’s holding me back. MY WIFE.. haha, just kidding.. It’s my laptop bag. For six months I have been using this crumby, piece of junk bag that I picked up at a local discount store.

I woke up one morning, as usual. But, there was something that WILDLY through off my morning routine (and entire week at work). As I was loading my laptop into this “new” laptop bag I purchased, I heard it clunk to the floor, I closed my eyes and prayed it was ok before looking down. Unfortunately, my prayers were not answered. My laptop was broken, all because of this horrible bag, I thought I was saving good money with. Instead that cheap bag cost me an additional two thousand dollars (because I had to buy a new laptop).


At least my files were backed up to the cloud, so I didn’t lose any data (including this massive presentation I was working on).

So the hunt begins, I start searching the internet for a high quality leather laptop bag, that will hopefully last the rest of my working career (without any more casualties). I stumbled upon this site Boconi, there bags are beautiful and look pretty sturdy. I did the usual hint of leaving the page open on my computer (my new one) so the wife would see it and buy it for my birthday.

I left the house (grocery shopping), and when I came back, the page was closed… YES! She got the hint! Right? Read on…

My birthday is getting closer and closer now. Oh yeah, and in the meantime with no laptop bag, I have been using my backpack from college. I look so ridiculous I (and my co-workers) can’t handle it. If I had to get called “book bag boy” one more time walking into work, I was going to start knocking people out”.

Finally the day comes, it’s my birthday! I get home from a hectic day at work, when I see my wife approaching me with a gift-wrapped package. I think to myself, “this is it, finally I got that Boconi, leather laptop bag”. I begin to open the gift and realize…. It’s another bag from the discount store. Then my wife says, with a smile on her face “I saw you were looking at new laptop bags, so I stopped out and grabbed you one!” I smiled and said “Thanks!”.

…I filed for divorce the next day.


Tips On Choosing Sweaters for Women

When it comes to fashion, women have got much more options available for them than men. Even if it is related with something as undress as sweater for women, they will still find enough options for themselves than men can ever find for any dress! If you are looking for advice on sweaters and you can read this article and get some useful tips on this subject that are going to be useful for you in selecting the right kind of sweater for yourself.

It is considered that sweater does not carry much scope for making a style statement but this is not true like any other wardrobe or apparel, sweaters too can be worn in a smart way and at the same time, it can be made to serve the purpose it made for that is keeping the body warm. At the same time you will also be able to look smart and dashing with it but in order to do that you should understand how to match it with the rest your dress. To get started with, the first thing that you need to do is determine if you are going to wear loose or tight this will depend on your body size if you are slim and you would to look stronger then it would be better to wear loose sweaters as it will make you look visually stronger and bigger. If you have a good built then you can wear fit in sweaters and tight ones because they will showcase your body and enhance your looks. You can match the rest of the clothes that you are wearing with sweater and make it look dashing. The colour combination of the dress and sweater should be in tune with each other and this will enhance your overall look.

Next thing that you have to consider if you would like to buy the sweater from if you have your locality with student you can browse it get started looking forward to that you want if you do not find the right side there then a better option for you would be to search for hidden Internet there are many arguments to that offer letters of a kind cover designs and prices simply need to give some time and you will be able to find a lot of great deal of settlers online can you search for them online. You will also be able to save time when you shop for sweaters on net as it is going to be a simple quick and hassle free process of shopping. You can also visit our online store to find online ladies clothing by Northern Reflections and also a wide variety of sweaters that we have in the offing. We invite you to our website and we are sure that you will not be disappointed with it. If you have to inquire anything else then please contact us directly via e-mail or phone. We look forward to meet you and have a business with you.

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Common Questions About Birthstones

Chart showing a mix of modern and traditional birthstones by month.

Have you ever owned a piece of jewellery with your birthstone? Birthstones are an interesting concept and they are believed to have healing powers and therapeutic influence.

There is a birthstone associated with every month, from January to December. If you are wondering what your birthstone is you can find them all listed here. For example, March is aquamarine, June is moonstone, September is sapphire and October is opal. Perhaps you have heard about birthstones but you want to learn more? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that many people have about birthstones.

Where Did The Idea Originate?

Many gem historians believe that the tradition of birthstones came from the Breastplate of Aaron, which was a ceremonial religious garment that was set with twelve precious gemstones. The stones were meant to represent the twelve tribes of Israel as well as the twelve signs of the Zodiac. There are also Ayurvedic birthstones in ancient Indian culture and it was believed that specific stones had medicinal effects.

However, the modern lists of birthstones don’t have much to do with the breastplate or the Foundation Stones of Christianity. They have been passed down through translation and adapted by many cultures which has distanced them from their original origins.

Why Are There Different Gemstones Listed for Some Months?

You might notice that in some lists the gemstones are different, or there is more than one gemstone listed for each month. In ancient times people didn’t classify gemstones by mineral species like we do and there was some debate about which gemstones were described in the ancient texts. Different cultures around the world have adapted a range of birthstone lists.

In an effort to standardize them the American National Association of Jewelers met in Kansas to create a definitive list. The list was updated in 1952 by the Jewelry industry Council of America. The one that is commonly passed around is the most recent one, although there are some older lists that are still used.

Are All the Birthstones Minerals?

All of the birthstones are minerals, except for pearls – which were created in the earth and are considered organic. Of course, some of the minerals are more valuable than others – such as diamond. (So if you are born in April you are in luck!)

What are the Popular Styles of Birthstone Jeweler?

If you want to wear your birthstone in jewelry there are so many ways to do so. You could wear it in a pendant in a necklace, or in a birthstone ring. Some people wear their birthstone as a gem in a charm bracelet and others wear it as earrings. You could even look for decorations for the home or jewelry boxes that have your birthstone on them, or pins or brooches.

Another popular option is birthstone watches, which are available in a wide range of designs. Often they feature a simple watch face that is complimented with a birthstone. Or, they might feature a number of stones around the watch face at every quarter hour.


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Best Drugstore Cosmetics BRANDS

If you are a makeup enthusiast and you want to save money on your cosmetics, you should try some drugstore cosmetic brands. Many people want to give these drugstore brands a try but they don’t know what to buy as there are many options to choose from. With a little guidance, you can choose a product that worth your money. We have compiled a list of tried products that will help you in making your shopping experience easier.

  1. L’Oréal Paris:

L’Oréal Paris is one of the most famous drugstore brands around the globe. The list of its products contains some of the finest beauty products that are available in reasonable prices. Almost all departmental stores have L’Oréal cosmetics and you can find them online as well. With these products, you will get more or less same result as any expensive brand can give you. If you are buying L’Oréal online, use Amazon coupons to save further money on your cosmetics. From nail colors to lip products, and eye shades to hair products, L’Oréal offers a vast range of good beauty products.

  1. Revlon:

Revlon has been producing beauty products from the start of 20th century. Some of its products are of really high quality and worth spending money on. The company is producing some of the superior foundations with sunscreen and UVA protection. Outstanding concealers, cream blushes, cream eyeshadows, liquid eyeliners, lipsticks, lip gloss, and lip liners are some of the other good quality products produced by Revlon. Buy Revlon cosmetics on discounted price from Amazon using Amazon promo codes.

  1. Neutrogena:

Neutrogena is an American brand that is distributing their beauty products in more than 70 countries around the globe. The brand is known to produce some of the best cleansers that are recommended by a number of beauticians. This is an inexpensive brand and if you are looking for some really good quality skin care products in reasonable prices, shop for Neutrogena. Its sunscreen lotions provide enough UVA protection and they also offer some fragrance free options.

  1. Maybelline:

Among many of the drugstore beauty brands, Maybelline has a good position. They produces products in almost all category of cosmetics. Foundations, concealers, lip colors, nail colors, mascaras, and many other items are produced by the company. If you are looking to replace your old makeup brushes and hunting for good quality at low rate, Maybelline could solve your problem. A wide range of makeup brushes are available from Maybelline and you can choose one from them. Amazon promo codes will help you in getting these brushes in even more discounted rates.

  1. Olay:

Olay is a well-known brand that specializes in producing various skin care products. This company is owned by Procter & Gamble. Olay is famous for producing some of the finest skin products. Most of the Olay products are available in reasonable prices. Some outstanding cleansers, scrubs, and sunscreen are available under the brand name of Olay. The company is proud of producing some state-of-the-art serums and moisturizers. You will also find fragrance free version for most of their products. Try Amazon coupons, if you want to get discount on the retail prices of the products.

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