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See How to Improve and Maintain Your Skin as an Expat Abroad

Living abroad can be sweet and can also present a number of challenges when you are yet to adapt to the new environment. You may battle health and well-being issues such as change of skin color, incompatible diets and digestive issues, homesickness, and more. Whether you are planning to go on vacation abroad or you are looking for a job, taking care of your body should be given priority so that you will feel and look good wherever you go. Native English speakers have better opportunities to travel round the globe as they can teach English abroad without any hassle. It is important to know that when you are in a new environment, chances are your skin react to the change of weather and climate. This article will help you with some tips that will help maintain and improve your skin quality while staying in any country abroad.


Stay hydrated

One of the best ways to maintain and improve skin quality is simple. Keep it moist and nourished – hydration is the ideal way to achieve that. As much as you can, try to drink plenty of water daily and do not allow yourself to be thirsty for more than 30 minutes. If you are able to keep your body hydrated, the skin will revitalize itself – and it will help you avoid other little health issues that may pop up.

Use sunscreen

Some countries can be quite hot and sunny and the ozone layer is not uniform around the world. To keep your skin safe, use sunscreen when you step out on a sunny day. This will cut down the risk of burns, heat rashes, and of course skin cancer. What’s more, this will help keep your skin clean and allow it to stay cool.

Use a good insect repellent in your surroundings

Insect bites irritate the skin and can cause serious itching, which in turn will break your skin when you scratch. Whether you are living in an indoor environment without much plant cover, or surrounded by gardens, keeping insect repellent is a good idea because to will help chase away little critters that can pose risks to your skin.

Use the right body cream or lotion

There are body cares that do not contain harmful chemicals (like sulfates) as ingredients. Choose these brands for your skin care while staying abroad. Look for skin moisturizers that are a perfect fit for your skin type. This will help keep you skin nourished and balanced, with no hassles.

Sleep when the need arises

You have to agree that sleeping is something that you can’t rob yourself of and go scot-free. It will come back to haunt you at some point. When you don’t have enough sleep, your skin will become dull and pale. Having proper sleep will not only make your skin fresh and healthy but also rests your brain and vastly improves its function.


Expat life abroad can bring you mixed memories. If you don’t take care of your health, it doesn’t matter what your purpose of traveling abroad is. When you find yourself living in a foreign country, you ought to do your best to be healthy, feel good, and look good – so that you can have a healthy and happy lifestyle as part of your international adventure. As stated above, there are many opportunities you can find abroad – going to teach English abroad is one common option and there are hundreds more opportunities waiting for you.


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Going Under the Knife: Is Liposuction Right for Me?

So you are overweight and asking yourself if maybe liposuction may be the answer. There are many considerations to account before making the decision for liposuction. Some of these are exercise, diet, free time, money, injury, frequency, location and recovery. Regardless, different body types respond differently to liposuction. Maybe ask yourself if you think you can perhaps lose this unwanted weight by obtaining and following a good exercise regime. Exercise is the best, safest and most healthy way to lose unwanted weight. It can increase blood flow better helping to remove unwanted toxins from the blood. Your metabolism is increased during times of exercise leading to fat burning and an overall feeling of wellbeing plus a chance at a longer life. Exercise can help regulate the bodies sleep cycle leading to better and more healthy sleeping patterns. The benefits of exercise cannot be overstated.

The second consideration to make before having liposuction may be your diet. Maybe you are too busy for exercise but can manage and stick with a good and healthy diet. This too has added benefits. By eating low fat high vitamin foods you increase your life expectancy and your overall wellbeing. You will generally feel better and will likely be more regular than with a high fat diet. If though a diet is just not in your future then maybe you should consider the factor of time before having liposuction. Liposuction may take you out of your daily routine for longer than you wish, depending on the extent and possible complications. You are literally having fat sucked from within your body and this naturally causes some injury to the body. The time needed for one to recover from an injury varies from person to person but all injuries take time to heal and this time should be considered before having any liposuction procedure done.

There is also the real and painful factor of money and cost. Liposuction is not free of course and this type of surgery is often considered a cosmetic surgery and may not be covered at all by your insurance provider. It is well worth checking into whether and to what extent a liposuction procedure may be covered. If it is not ask yourself if this procedure is something you can afford, are the potential benefits worth the cost of the procedure?

Another consideration before having liposuction is possible injury from surgical complications and/or reactions to any medications administered. You may go in for a quick and relatively simple liposuction procedure and may end up staying fighting a bad infection. Have you had other surgeries in the past and if so how well did you recover from them? Were there any unwanted complications? These are questions one should ask themselves before considering a liposuction procedure.

All in all, liposuction isn’t a major weight loss solution; it’s not designed to help you lose serious weight. If you’ve tried everything, consider undergoing a liposuction procedure to help combat those problem areas where all other methods have come up short. Everyone deserves to be comfortable with their body and liposuction can help.

Essential Tips For Wearing Diamond Jewelry

Any jewelry is made, so that you can look elegant, stylish and beautiful. However, before you flaunt your diamond necklace or pendant, it is important to pair them with right neckline or dress. You can combine different pieces of jewelry, so that you can match them with right outfit according to your taste. For instance you can pair your diamond earring with diamond bracelet or a beautiful necklace with diamond ring etc. The following are some tips how you can wear diamond jewelry:

images (2)

Your jewelry should be all-around

The diamond jewelry you choose to wear should be versatile. Avoid wearing jewelry because you like it. Do not wear jewelry which doesn’t match with your appearance. For instance, do not wear an over-sized diamond necklace in family gathering because it will not do justice with your personality. Some people might take it as a show off. The jewelry you choose should suit every occasion. Be it a birthday party, a family gathering, a dinner party or any other occasion. Avoid those jewelry items that can only be worn at a particular occasion.

Pair your diamond jewelry with a matching jewelry and outfit

If you wear a diamond necklace for an occasion, ensure that you pair it with matching bracelet or ring. Pairing or matching different gemstones can make you look stylish and beautiful. It is every woman’s dream to look magnificent. This can only be achieved if you know how to pair and match your jewelry with your outfit. Wear an outfit that compliments your jewelry or other way round. A diamond earring is perfect beauty accessory for any occasion or event. Therefore, if you find it hard to get perfect jewelry that can fit any occasion wear diamond earrings and you will be good to go.

Inspect your jewelry before wearing them

It is important to inspect your jewelry before you wear them. Keeping them tucked away somewhere for long time without wearing them might loose its stone settings. In case this happens, it is advisable to seek help from a professional jeweler who will repair it for you. It is also a good idea to have your jewelry checked by a professional regularly.

Consider the occasion

When you wear diamond jewelry, it is important to consider occasion and outfit. Avoid overdoing. This means that you should not wear everything simply because you have a diamond ring, bracelet, necklace or diamond watch. You can mix and match selected gemstones with your outfit. To avoid committing jewelry blunder it is good to wear solitaire pendants, diamond earrings and bracelet. For a sensual look, you can redo your hair and wear one diamond jewelry item; like earrings, necklace or bracelet and you will grab everyone’s attention and compliments.

In summary, jewelry is best friend for every woman and if it is diamond then it will make her feel more good and elegant. However, it is important that you should purchase your jewelry from reputable online store like JustFab.com, an online store that offers quality women shoes, jewelry, handbags and clothing. This will ensure that you will get genuine jewelry with best quality. Pair your jewelry with right outfit and you will look stunning.